Melissa Cinicolo, June 8 2020

The benefits of exercise for university students

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. Your body is your most valuable possession. Fitness has always played a huge part of my life. I began to exercise at a young age. When I was five, I put on my first soccer cleats and at the age of 22, I still have not taken them off.  As a student athlete, I always keep active. No matter what, I always manage to squeeze in some time for sports. 

I cannot stress enough the benefits of exercise for university students. Below, you will learn how I manage to stay physically fit in university and how it helps with my studies. The first benefit of exercise for students is academic success. The second relates to how fitness energizes the mind and body. Lastly, I will highlight how exercise boosts your confidence. Here is how I did it!

Academic benefits of exercise 

One of the benefits of exercise is academic success. Studies have shown that university students who exercise on a regular basis are more focused and perform better academically. Aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the brain, builds brain power, increases concentration, and improves memory. Exercise is also a natural mood lifter that significantly helps with stress management  and encourages overall health and wellness. 

As a student athlete, I am always motivated to workout as regular exercise allows me to excel academically.  Exercise increases cognitive performance. Being an athlete and consistently working out energizes my body and kick starts my brain for study sessions. The rewards of being active are well worth it! I was presented with the All Canadian Award by the Governor General of Canada for achieving an over 80% average while being on a varsity team. To perform at your full potential academically, build your brain power by incorporating physical activity into your everyday schedule.

Mind and Body 

A healthy body is a happy mind. Another benefit of exercise is the refreshing boost it brings to your mind and body. Exercise touches every single aspect of your life by improving your health and wellness. Studies have shown that exercise promotes chemicals in the brain such as endorphins which make us feel happy, more relaxed and alleviates stress. 

Not only does exercise make you feel great but it makes you look great. Physical exercise keeps your body toned and helps your overall physique. Regular exercise maintains overall health and prevents disease. Being a varsity athlete representing the Ottawa Gee-Gees has not only brought me great happiness  and a tremendous sense of well-being  but it also keeps me physically fit.   

Enhances Confidence and Empowerment 

The third benefit of exercise for university students is an increase in confidence and empowerment. There is no doubt that being physically active builds your confidence, which is a key component in allowing you to achieve your goals. Displaying confidence can make a difference in both your personal and professional life. Exercise tones the body and makes you feel comfortable in your skin. If you exude confidence when networking, this will provide you with more opportunities in life. I recently started a fitness page on Instagram where I post my exercise routines. This has motivated me to workout by building my self-confidence and sense of empowerment. Build empowerment by incorporating regular exercise in your student life. And don’t forget to hit the gym even with your busy schedule! 


Always make time for YOU. No matter what, students must take the time to exercise to maintain good health and wellness. Physical exercise goes a long way. Not only does it help you achieve academically, it resets your mind, tones your body and gives you confidence. I am grateful that exercise has played a huge part of my life. My passion for soccer and track have led me to excel academically. I have now  found a love for fitness. I invite you to check out my fitness account @mcinifit and I challenge you to try a workout with me. Let’s get shredded!

Written by

Melissa Cinicolo

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